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We understand that searching for a janitorial service company can be painful and not very pleasant. We get it.

We say that you should never have to think about your janitorial cleaning service company because we come in off hours, clean to specification, and then we leave.

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Upstate Janitorial in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Owning and operating a business in Spartanburg, South Carolina, can be profitable. There is plenty of business and local clientele to keep your business operating as long as it stays clean. When a business becomes dirty or infested with garbage, it becomes a liability, which can quickly eat away at profits. Avoid this entirely with a consistent, reliable janitorial service provider like Upstate Janitorial. Upstate Janitorial covers a wide area of South Carolina, including Spartanburg. If you own a business in Spartanburg that needs janitorial services, contact Upstate Janitorial now.

Does it matter what company provides janitorial work in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

Yes, it matters what company provides your janitorial work in Spartanburg. Not every janitorial company is the same and the results differ widely. If you think your janitorial service provider is not doing a good enough job, contact the professional janitorial service providers at Upstate Janitorial to get a second opinion. Call us at ​​(864) 249-5555, email us at, or use our contact form here to begin your free consultation. We offer a free consultation so you can have a no stress situation where you can truly analyze your janitorial situation.

How much does it cost for janitorial services in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

Contact Upstate Janitorial if you want to know how much it will cost for janitorial services in Spartanburg. Every job is different and requires a professional analysis before a cost estimate can be determined. Without knowing your situation, we won’t be able to give you an accurate, honest quote for the janitorial request. We understand the immediate need for janitorial services and that is why it is in your best interest to call us now for your free consultation.

Why do I need janitorial services in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

Janitorial services are the lifeline of your business. It only takes a few weeks of no janitorial services to immediately notice their absence. This is true in the majority of commercial businesses in Spartanburg. If your business does not have regular janitorial cleaning, it will suffer heavily and if allowed to linger for too long, state authorities have the ability to fine your business. Legal liability cases are a slam dunk if you willingly neglect keeping your worker’s work environment clean. American authorities are ruthless when it comes to punishing business owners when it comes to OSHA violations.

Who is the best janitorial service provider in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

Upstate Janitorial is the best janitorial service provider in Spartanburg. We say this because we have the track record to prove it and have seen the work of our competitors and find it lacking. The reason why we get called for the job is because we are thorough and complete, consistent and considerate, and always leave your business in a clean and operable state after doing our job. You will not have to worry about the janitorial services provided at your business when Upstate Janitorial is on the job.

Spartanburg, South Carolina is a place worth doing business. However, if you plan to operate a business in Spartanburg, make sure to use Upstate Janitorial to perform your janitorial services. You want to make sure that you have seasoned professionals working on your side. Our team of professionals have years of experience in the area, will work within your requests and requirements, and will always leave your business ready for employees and clients. It is pivotal that your workplace stay clean for employees to do their work and customers to buy your wares.

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