10 Reasons Why a Quality Janitor is Worth the Investment

Janitors are the lifeblood of any business and there are differences between a quality, professional janitor, and a poorly trained janitor. It is important to take notice when you are considering your janitorial service provider because your “average joe” cleaner/cleaning service will not provide the same standard of service when compared to professional janitorial service providers like Upstate Janitorial.

1. Consistency

Professional janitors have proven to be more consistent than your regular joe. This is because professional janitors see their job as a career and treat it as such. This means that we will be on time and do our job quickly and efficiently.

2. Professional Job

There is an obvious difference when seeing the results of a trained professional janitor compared with your average joe. It is not as easy as it looks to do a good job as a janitor. It takes training, experience, and practice to clean properly.

3. Attention to Detail

Professional janitors will always pay more attention to detail when compared to average joe cleaners. It comes naturally from being trained and understanding the needs of clients from experience. It is also a career choice for professional janitors, which means the details matter.

4. Worth the Cost

Janitors range in cost and that is why businesses end up with an average joe as their janitor. Being frugal with your janitorial services will bite your business in the end because people notice and your revenue will suffer. Work with a professional janitorial service that will work with you.

5. Educated on Janitorial Tools

There are janitorial tools that make the job easier, but it takes education and training to operate them properly. An uneducated, untrained person will not have the same success of use compared to a professional janitor.

6. Educated on Janitorial Procedures

“Wax on, wax off.” This statement was made famous by the movie Karate Kid, but it has real meaning in the janitorial world. Simply wiping things down and spraying cleaner here and there will not get the job done. Professional janitors understand janitorial cleaning procedures.

7. Mindful of Customer Requests

Professional janitors will take customer requests to mind. Your average joe might hear your request, but will not go out of their way to change their cleaning routine to accommodate your request.

8. Dutiful About Job

Along the same lines as consistency, professional janitors are dutiful about their responsibilities. If there are specific tasks that need to be completed each and every time your janitor cleans, professional janitors will be mindful and make sure to complete the task.

9. Management is Unnecessary

Having to watch over your janitor, dictate duties constantly, or constantly worry the job isn’t being completed are all reasons to look for a professional janitor. Professional janitors from Upstate Janitorial do not need management. We are freely operating and will stick to our jobs without interrupting your business or clients.

10. Service With a Smile

Janitorial services include doing the dirty jobs with a smile. Professional janitors understand this and are able to come in and do their job on a daily basis without a problem. Your average joe, on the other hand, will have difficulty completing the job day in and day out with a smile.

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional janitor and it is up to you to determine how much your business means to your employees and clients. A professional janitor will treat your business like their own and leave it ready for employees and clients to conduct business the moment you open the doors.

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