5 Signs You Need A New Janitorial Service Provider

Business suffers if your building is not being cleaned and sanitized properly. Employees and potential customers will notice a building with lackluster janitors. Janitors can get complacent and feel entitled to their work, when in reality they are replaceable. There are tell-tale signs to notice that your janitorial service provider might have to be replaced. The most common are listed below-

1. Guests make passing mention of the building’s cleanliness to others.

This tell tale sign can be detected through your employees and client feedback. Employees quickly get acclimated to their work environment and will usually tell when building cleanliness begins to slip. However, potential customers walking in the door will be the best tip off to determine if your janitorial service provider needs replacing or not. This is because potential customers are third party observers who can compare a businesses cleanliness to a variety of businesses they are exposed to and are not necessarily biased towards your business. If a customer says, “That business is nice but the building was disgusting,” it is time to get a new janitorial service provider.

2. Cleaning times become sporadic and inconsistent

Businesses like to run like a well oiled machine. Running like a well oiled machine relies on precise timing and all activities working together for a common goal. Life happens, and people can be late to their jobs every once and a while, but consistent tardiness is a problem. If your janitorial service provider is late to cleaning appointments, missing appointments all together, and disregards the time of other people, it is time to get a new janitorial service provider.

3. Improper tool care

Are there dirty mop buckets sitting in the middle of hallways? Have you noticed the same mop being used throughout multiple cleanings without being rinsed and cleaned properly? Are the chemical bottles mislabeled and disorganized? Improper tool use is a tell tale sign of not doing the job properly. If you answered yes to any of these questions, your janitorial service provider is not taking proper care of their tools and it is time to get a new janitorial service provider.

4. Aggressive attitude towards normal duties

Attitude is a big part of the job while performing janitorial duties. It is a dirty job and it takes a certain type of person to handle dirty jobs with a consistent smile on their face. A good janitor will stand the test of time and continue to do their duties with a smile on their face even when approached with the most heinous requests. If your janitorial service provider has an aggressive attitude towards doing their job, it is time to get a new janitorial service provider.

5. Distracted while working

This has become an increasing problem with modern cell phones, but if your janitorial service provider is distracted on their phone while they are working, then they are providing a half-measured service. The occasional break to use their phones or communicate important information is understandable, however, excessive use of cell phones can be a sign that they are not providing a complete and thorough janitorial service. In cases where your janitorial service provider ignores attempts to combat their distracted behavior, it is time to get a new janitorial service provider.

“Finding good help is hard these days” is a common statement that can reflect a lot about a business and their attitude towards employees and customers. Good janitorial service providers are hard to find and the only way to make the search easier is to locate a reputable company that takes care of their employees as much as they take care of your business. If you are in South Carolina and need to find a reputable janitorial service provider, look no further than Upstate Janitorial. We offer a free consultation to get you started and will do everything in our power to provide a complete and thorough janitorial service for your business.

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