A Janitors Job is Never Done

The duties and jobs of a janitor are more than people give them credit. A janitor is responsible for keeping a business in operating condition for employers, employees, and clients. If a business does not have a janitor, that business will quickly come to a halt. Dirt, debris, and legal liabilities will pile up and the business owners will be set in a bad position to conduct business. All of these problems are avoidable with a regular janitorial cleaning, and that is why a janitors job is never done. We are the guardians against dirt, debris, and legal liabilities for your business.

Why is a janitors job never done?

A janitors job is never done because businesses operating at any capacity produce work for janitors. As long as your business is operating, you will need a janitor. If you have ever wondered into a business without a janitor, it is immediately observable that the business is run down and dirty. The only way to operate a fully functioning business is to have a janitor who keeps the place clean on a regular basis. Whether they are full time or part time, if you need a janitor, contact a company like Upstate Janitorial for a free consultation about your janitorial needs.

How often should a janitor clean my business?

This depends on the type of business and how fast it becomes dirty. In some cases, a weekly cleaning is necessary, and in others, every other week might work. Whatever schedule works to keep your business clean is the schedule you should have your janitor maintain. The bottom line is that a janitor should clean your business regularly. Cleaning is not a one off thing that you can get taken care of once a year.

Do janitors allow for scheduled cleaning as opposed to salaried cleaning?

It depends on what company you deal with, but yes, there are janitors that allow for scheduled cleaning as opposed to salaried cleaning. Not all businesses own the building they are located, and therefore a salaried janitor is an unnecessary expense. If you don’t plan on being in any one location for a long period of time, a scheduled janitorial service from Upstate Janitorial is a perfect fit for your business. Our team of trained professionals will be able to work with you to figure out the best possible janitorial cleaning schedule for your specific business. We know what we are doing and will always leave your business ready for operation.

What is a good amount of time between janitorial cleaning for my business?

The best amount of time is the least amount of time between janitorial cleaning. However, we understand this is not within budget for every business and that is why the best amount of time between janitorial cleaning depends upon your specific situation. If you own a business with a lot of foot traffic, the time between cleanings should be less than that of a business with less foot traffic. Janitorial cleaning schedules need to be personalized for your business in order to provide optimal cleaning results.

People think the internet has made people stop visiting businesses in person, but that is not true. People continue to visit businesses necessary to their daily lives in conjunction with using the internet. This means that businesses still need to be prepared for foot traffic and need to maintain the cleanliness of their business. Robots are a long way off from replacing humans when it comes to cleaning your business, which means that janitors are still your only option for keeping your business clean.

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