Advice From Professional Cleaners in South Carolina

Advice seems like it is all over these days, but the worth of advice is only as much as the person giving it. When it comes to keeping your business, church, or office clean and well maintained in South Carolina, it is best to take advice from professional cleaners who work and live in the area. We have gone through the ringer learning our craft because there is much more involved with building cleaning and maintenance than just a mop and bucket. Commercial buildings all have special requirements that cleaning companies have to pay attention to, otherwise long term damage can develop over time due to improper cleaning techniques. Luckily, there are things you can do as a building owner that can help your cleaning service provider do an optimal job. Here are a few tips from our cleaning crew that will help your building last-

  1. Maintain as clean a business, church, or office as possible to avoid extra cleaning charges throughout the year. It is not difficult to enforce responsibility within a business or church, but it does take effort. Implore everyone to use proper disposal methods when on your property.
  2. Hire scheduled cleaners to clean and maintain your building. Making sure your building is cleaned on a regular schedule is essential to operating a business church, or office. One time cleaning should only be used in case of emergency and should not be relied upon to get the building ready for operation. Depending upon your business activities, it might even be against the law to rely on one time cleanings in order to keep your business or church operating. Check to make sure that you are following OSHA guidelines for your industry. 
  3. Have ample cleaning supplies ready for your cleaning staff. Being prepared is half the battle when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Not having the right tools, cleaning chemicals, and accessories for your cleaning staff will result in avoidable problems. Stock cleaning supplies and accessories and your building will shine. 
  4. Monitor your building on a regular basis. A trustworthy cleaning service provider is worth its weight in gold, but it is smart to check in on a regular basis to see if there are things that can be improved upon. Noticing the flow and action of your own building can go a long way in understanding how it should be cleaned and maintained. 
  5. Check the attitude at the door. We know it’s an emergency, and we know it is causing a problem for your bottom line. We know you are stressed and we know you are angry with the situation. But remember, we are here to help, and approaching the problem with a bad attitude will only make things worse. Cleaners do their best work when they are left alone after being directed.

It is best to take the advice of professionals because we have already failed and “gone down that road.” Ignoring us will only end in wasted time and effort trying to figure it out yourself. If you own a business, church, or office in South Carolina, contact our friendly customer support staff for a free consultation. We will be able to advise you on all the best methods to clean and maintain your business, office, or church year round. Make sure to check with professionals who understand modern cleaning techniques to see if your current cleaning regime is up to snuff. You might be paying for lackluster cleaning services that are doing harm to your buildings long term health. There is no harm in looking around to see what other cleaning companies’ opinions might be on your current cleaning and maintenance solution.

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