Church Cleaning Checklist in South Carolina

Whether your church is in an old building with years of wear and tear, or your church is brand new with modern building materials, it has to be cleaned regularly and effectively. Even robots are not able to keep up with the cleaning demands of modern buildings. Trying to learn on the go is a mistake not worth making as a church owner/operator. In South Carolina, there is an effective checklist to follow when it comes to complete church cleaning-

1. Listen to the Professionals

Do not jump right into cleaning and maintaining your church because you feel it is necessary. The first check when it comes to effective, quality church cleaning is to consult with professional church cleaners before attempting any cleaning regime. Your local commercial cleaning company may jump at the job to clean your church, but they may not know the intricacies of specific materials used in your church. Using the wrong cleaning agent on the wrong material could cause long term damage that goes unnoticed for years.

2. Start as Soon as Possible

After checking with professional cleaners on the specificities of your church’s building, start cleaning immediately. The sooner, the better because once your church is cleaned and maintained properly, its long term maintenance costs go down. In many ways, you are saving money by spending money on professionals to clean and maintain your church because a dirty church leads to legal liabilities that cost much more than simple cleaning and maintenance.

3. Check Cleaning Supply Stock

Once cleaning has begun on a regular schedule, the best thing to do is create a schedule for yourself to make sure that cleaning supplies are readily available for your cleaning team. If your cleaning service provider provides their own, even better, because it is one less thing you have to worry about checking off your list. Otherwise, make sure to keep the cleaning closet full for your staff so they can begin work the moment they arrive to do their job.

4. Stay Consistent and Effective

Another thing to check off your list is diligence. It is important to stay diligent, consistent, and effective when it comes to your church’s cleaning regime. Develop a scheduled cleaning program to make sure that your church is taken care of year round. Always be on top of building problems because a small leak in the ceiling can quickly turn into a full on disaster if left unchecked. By spending a few hours a week inside your building, you can easily save yourself future costs by being proactive with your cleaning team.

5. Do Your Part

Assist your church’s cleaning team whenever possible. This doesn’t mean grabbing a mop and participating in the day to day cleaning and maintenance. What this means is that you should educate your clergy and guests on how best to maintain the cleanliness of your church. Make waste bins visible and available. Consult with your cleaning staff to see if there is anything you can do to make their jobs easier. Pick up after yourself when you are in your building and encourage others to do the same. All these things will go a long way in keeping your church clean and well maintained.

The methodology to clean and maintain a church has not changed much over thousands of years. Even with modern materials, the checklist for effective, modern church cleaning mirrors the checklist for effective, antique church cleaning. Make sure to go down the list in order to avoid potential problems with your church cleaning and maintenance routine in South Carolina.

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