Cleaning Services of Cleaning Companies of South Carolina

Cleaning is difficult, dirty, and tedious. Cleaning companies offer a variety of services to make cleaning easier and make it a second thought for any commercial or residential property owner. However, cleaning companies are not all the same. Some specialize in residential cleaning, some specialize in commercial cleaning, and some offer both options. It is in your best interest to find out what type of services your local cleaning company offers. You will be surprised to find out that companies are either limited or negotiable when it comes to offering cleaning services to either residential or commercial entities. The difference in cost and services are noticeable and worth second opinions. Ideally, the cleaning service you choose will be a long time partner in cleaning and maintaining your building. 

Do Cleaning Companies offer Residential or Commercial Cleaning Services in South Carolina?

It depends on the cleaning company if they offer residential and/or commercial cleaning services. Check with each specific cleaning company to find out what cleaning services they offer. For example, Upstate Janitorial offers commercial and residential cleaning services. Our offerings are not like other companies because we live and work locally, have the experience and tools needed for everything South Carolina, and have an expansive team that has the attitude necessary for residential and commercial cleaning.

Are Janitors considered a Cleaning Company?

Janitors are not necessarily considered cleaning companies. Depending upon the situation, janitors are either full time employees or contractors assigned to specific situations. Cleaning companies often employ janitors to work on their schedule. The difference is slight, but it becomes significant if you are attempting to hire a team of cleaners or an individual cleaner. Budgets are always the biggest concern when it comes to cleaning and maintenance responsibilities and cleaning companies have leeway when creating year round cleaning and maintenance routines.

What is the cost difference between a Janitor and a Cleaning Company in South Carolina?

A janitor is usually a single person working as a contractor or full time employee and a cleaning company employs teams of janitors to work on a schedule. The difference is subtle but important because cleaning companies have much more flexibility when it comes to what cleaning services they offer. If you want a custom cleaning service for your business, church, school, office, or commercial building, a cleaning company will be able to offer more for less because they are not on site 24/7.

Why would I hire a Cleaning Company in South Carolina?

A cleaning company offers the most versatility when it comes to cleaning services to commercial and residential entities. This is because we are able to schedule our cleaning services without having to worry about being on site when your business, school, or church is in operation. Janitors have to deal with this and cost exponentially higher due to this “on site” cleaning ability. Being on site is nice, but the majority of cleaning can be done during off hours and scheduled throughout the year.

Cleaning companies do not offer the same cleaning services. Whether it be commercial cleaning, or residential cleaning, make sure to check with your local cleaning companies before you assume they offer the cleaning service you need. If you own a business, church, school, commercial building, or need residential cleaning in South Carolina, contact the cleaning professionals at Upstate Janitorial for a free consultation. We have the experience, training, tools, and attitude necessary to handle the dirtiest jobs. Our services speak for themselves and we take pride in living and working in South Carolina.

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