Consistency Is Key to Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that some businesses and churches seem to always be cleaner than others? The reason is that they spend top dollar to keep their businesses and churches consistently clean. In these hard times it is difficult to keep cleaning as a priority, but you will find the majority of successful businesses are keeping their cleaning budget as is or even expanding it to compensate for sanitization services. Now is not the time to become inconsistent with your business or church cleaning routines. Contact our cleaning experts for a free consultation regarding your business or church cleaning services. Our results speak for themselves and we take pride in the cleaning services we offer.

How consistently should my business be cleaned?

You should clean your business or church according to how often it gets used and how much foot traffic comes through your doors. It is not enough to clean your business or church when it becomes noticeable dirty because the accumulation of dirt from foot traffic grows exponentially. Visible dirt one day of the week will turn into dark, ground in grime that is difficult to remove, and in some cases require the entire floor be stripped and refinished costing much more money than a simple cleaning service. Staying consistent with your business or church cleaning routine is key to keeping overall maintenance costs at a minimum. In many ways, consider your cleaning service as the oil in the engine that is your business or church.

Why does consistent cleaning matter?

Cleaning every once and a while does not work in a business scenario. Allowing dust, dirt, and grime to accumulate over a matter of days can quickly become a legal liability. In some circumstances, cleaning every single day is necessary to avoid chances of violation from the Food and Drug Safety Administration. Cleaning consistently will also allow for quicker and easier routine cleaning. With built up dust, dirt, and grime, additional cleaning may be required to simply return to a normal clean. 

Who offers scheduled cleaning in South Carolina?

Upstate Janitorial offers scheduled cleaning for businesses and churches across South Carolina. If you need to discuss your cleaning situation with trained professionals, feel free to contact our cleaning experts for a free consultation. We will be able to figure out the necessary cleaning services and schedule accordingly for your specific business or church. Understanding the needs of our clients comes first and foremost when it comes to doing our job and we will do what is necessary to adapt our cleaning services to your specific business or church.

How much does it cost to have my business or church cleaned on a schedule in South Carolina?

Contact our friendly customer support staff for a free consultation to find out how much it will cost to have your business or church cleaned on a schedule in South Carolina. Our team of trained, experienced cleaning experts have the knowledge and tools necessary for every cleaning service we offer. The price, length of work, and scheduling will be specific to your business or church.

The key to running a successful business or church is consistency and this is true with your businesses or churches cleaning routine as well. Customers, employees, and you will notice the difference of a scheduled cleaning routine from Upstate Janitorial. As we mentioned previously, our results speak for ourselves. We take pride in our work and always show up with the right attitude. Our employees understand their job and show up with the right attitude every time we are called to perform our cleaning services.

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