Dust is Worse Than You Think

As the title states, dust is worse than you think. Pandemics like the one we have recently faced are not directly caused by dust, but dust had a hand in helping it affect so many people worldwide. Dust can get into your lungs and disrupt your body’s natural immune system, triggering a response causing your body’s vital resources to weaken towards other problems. This leads to a cascade effect that can cause serious damage to anyone who may have entered your building. Always hire professionals to avoid any type of dust related illnesses in your building. If you need dust cleaning services in South Carolina, turn to Upstate Janitorial.

What is Dust and how does it get onto everything in my commercial building?

Dust is made of fine particles almost too small for the human eye to see. These particles are made of a variety of materials depending upon where the dust is located. Inside buildings, dust is usually a mix of dead skin cells, building material, and many other particulates. Dust gets on everything because the motion of air is enough to spread dust particles throughout an entire building. There are other factors that help dust get onto everything, but we only care about getting dust out of your building. Call us now to book a free consultation for dealing with dust.

How do I get rid of Dust so that it never comes back?

The biggest problem about dust is that it will always come back no matter what you try to do.The only way to deal with dust is to have your building professionally managed by cleaning experts. The long term cleaning and maintenance of your building must include a plan to deal with dust. This plan needs a consistent wiping down of surfaces that come into contact with people. In addition, these surfaces need to be cleaned with the right cleaning chemicals to ensure they do not become dust magnets.

Who should I contact to handle the Dusting of my commercial building in South Carolina?

Contact Upstate Janitorial to handle the dusting of your commercial building in South Carolina. Dust is our enemy and we do everything in our power to combat it. Regular cleaning and applying the right chemical cleaners is the only way to keep dust from forming into a dangerous mix of particles. Trust in our years of experience and content clients. We will answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding dust cleaning and dust control for your commercial building.

Why is Dust worse than it appears?

Dust is dangerous to different people, but it is best to not risk having dust linger on anything in your business, church, school, office, or commercial building. Hire professional cleaners like Upstate Janitorial if you need dust cleaning services in South Carolina. The longer dust has lingered, the more dangerous it can become to certain people. Elderly and children are especially susceptible to dust related illness.

Dust is the enemy that never goes away. The only way to deal with dust is to have professionals consistently clean and remove it from your building. Scheduled cleaning from a commercial cleaning company works great to clean and maintain any dust build up in South Carolina. Always resort to trained experts who know what they are doing when it comes to dust cleaning and management. Using the wrong cleaning chemicals and methods can lead to extreme dust build up. We know what we are doing, have the right tools and cleaning chemicals, and will negotiate with you on what type of budget will work best for long term dust cleaning services.

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