Greer, South Carolina Janitorial Services

Business and church owners in Greer, South Carolina have a long lasting impact on the local community because the community relies on them to operate. If your business or church is filthy and can’t open its doors, you are opening the door for competition to move in and put your business or church out of business. Employees, clients, and potential clients are turned off by dirty floors, windows, and surfaces because they have to interact with them in order to utilize your services. If they can not interact with your business, they will likely walk out the door and never return. That is why it is important to keep your business or church in a constant state of cleanliness to ensure your doors stay open and you continue to serve the community of Greer proudly.

Who offers janitorial/cleaning services in Greer, South Carolina?

Luckily, Upstate Janitorial offers janitorial/cleaning services in Greer, South Carolina to businesses and churches. We have branched out across South Carolina and now offer all of our scheduled cleaning services to business and church owners in Greer. Our local cleaning staff is expertly trained, equipped, and have the experience necessary to consistently perform their duties. Not only are we the right choice for the job, we will also complete our jobs with a smile. We know our job is dirty, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show up to work with a smile on our faces.

Should I use a local janitorial/cleaning service in Greer, South Carolina, or would a large corporate janitorial/cleaning service be better?

You should use a local janitorial/cleaning service if you own a business or church in Greer. The reason you want to avoid large corporate janitorial/cleaning services in a place like Greer is that they will not be looking to retain your business. Their profit margins are made by offering their one-time services to as many clients as possible. This leads to a great one-time cleaning, but their long term solutions are too costly. They will also likely forget your name and anyone at your business because they have other clients to help. With a local company, you are their only clients and the attention to detail skyrockets. You will also be serviced quicker and not have to worry about multi-day delays in order to get a cleaning crew to your business or church. When it comes to local versus big corporate brand names, always choose local.

How often does my janitorial/cleaning service have to clean my business or church in Greer, South Carolina?

You should clean your business or church in Greer on a consistent schedule or daily if necessary. It is not enough to have a one-time cleaning once a year, especially if your business or church experiences regular foot traffic. Contact the professional cleaners at Upstate Janitorial if you need a free consultation with cleaning experts. Finding out the correct schedule to clean your business or church thoroughly is half the work. 

Are there differences between janitorial and cleaning services in Greer, South Carolina?

Yes, janitorial services focus mainly on in house, long-term cleaning solutions for businesses and churches that need consistent, daily attention. Cleaning services focus mainly on scheduled and one-time cleaning services. Scheduled cleaning services from cleaning companies often means that they will show up on a scheduled rotation to keep your business clean throughout the year. One-time cleanings are just as they sound. Cleaning service providers will come to your business or church and clean it from top to bottom using modern equipment one-time for an agreed upon price.

Choose Upstate Janitorial when you are looking for a janitorial/cleaning service in Greer, South Carolina. Our team of professional janitors/cleaners have modern cleaning equipment, are thoroughly trained for their duties, and will complete the job day in and day out with a smile on our faces.

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