How to Professionally Clean a Restroom in South Carolina

Professionalism is present in a clean and well maintained restroom. It seems impossible to stay diligent when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a restroom. You have choices when it comes to who is in charge of restroom cleaning and maintenance, whether it be yourself, a full time janitor, or a cleaning company. It is important that whomever is responsible follow basic guidelines when cleaning. Luckily, we will provide a small list of these basic guidelines so you can stay on top of the cleanliness of your restroom in South Carolina.

1. Start from the top down

 You always want to start cleaning from the top down because dust and debris will fall to the ground by the time you get to cleaning the floor. It is easy to ignore the high places of a business, church, school, or office because you rarely visibly see these areas. However, dust and debris will build up daily whether you witness it or not and it is important to use a moist cloth(or appropriate material) to loosen and dislodge this dirt and dust. 

2. Use the right cleaning chemicals

Do not use harsh and abrasive chemicals designed for general purpose. These types of chemicals are not even suited for at home use. It is always best to use specific cleaning chemicals designed for the surfaces and materials you intend to clean and maintain. You are in for a terrible long term surprise trying to  save a buck by using a “universal” cleaning agent for your cleaning and maintenance routine. Buy the right cleaning chemicals and buy in bulk if you plan on owning and operating your building long term.

3. Stay consistent and diligent

Clean as often as necessary. If this means everyday, then clean everyday. It sounds like a hassle, but that is part of being a responsible building owner/tenant. The cost of hiring a professional starts to sound better the more you think about having to clean a restroom everyday. Even hiring a part-time cleaning company to help is a major load of whoever’s back it is to clean and maintain your restroom(s).

4. Use modern cleaning equipment where applicable

Always have the most efficient commercial cleaning equipment available for cleaning your restrooms. This will make the job easier and quicker. However, make sure that anyone who uses them is trained and well experienced with how each machine operates. Misusing commercial cleaning equipment can lead to disastrous results. If you are hesitant about using any tools in particular, do not use them. Call a professional and let them handle the heavy machinery because commercial cleaning equipment is dangerous.

5. Always make bathroom amenities readily available

Stocking your restroom is a major part of cleaning and maintenance. Have toilet paper, disposable hand towels, soap, hand sanitizer, etc. at the ready. Restroom users are notorious for misusing the restroom, and this is especially true when toilet paper is not readily available. Make toilet paper handy or you will be in for a constant nightmare.

If all of these things seem too tedious to do on a regular basis, hire professionals to do it for you. In the long run, you should have a professional clean and maintain your bathroom if you own a business, church, school, or office in South Carolina. Attempting to clean and maintain a bathroom yourself is too much to ask of a building owner because you should be busy dealing with other issues. The professionals to choose in South Carolina are Upstate Janitorial. We have the tools, experience, and attitude necessary to diligently clean and maintain your restroom without you having to think about it.

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