Janitorial Services are More Than Just Mopping

You would be surprised to learn that janitorial services include more than just mopping and sweeping an office building. There are a lot of chemicals involved with cleaning and sanitizing a property thoroughly, and there is a large swath of janitors who do not do their job properly. There is a reason being a janitor is hard work and that is because cleaning a business properly involves high touch point sanitization, heavy traffic sanitization, floor stripping/waxing/buffing, in addition to all the normal requirements of janitorial work. These are just a few examples of how janitors offer a variety of services in this time of pandemic and it is in your best interest to ask your janitorial service provider if they offer additional sanitization services to help keep your business safe.

What other services do Janitorial companies offer?

Janitors offer many cleaning and sanitizing solutions for all over your commercial property. The best way to find out what specific services they offer outside of their normal routine is to ask them. Most janitorial companies, like Upstate Janitorial, will work with you to devise a cleaning and sanitization plan specific to your business. If you want to change things around, it is up to you to inform your janitorial service provider.

Are there price differences in the services offered by Janitorial companies in South Carolina?

Yes, there are likely price differences in the services offered by janitorial companies in South Carolina. A normal cleaning and sanitization routine for a janitorial service will have a set cost and if you request to add additional work to that routine, you will see a hike in price to match the added workload. You may also incur other costs in regards to special chemicals, equipment, or training in order to fulfill your cleaning/sanitizing request. Just like any other job in the world, janitors have to be paid for the work they perform.

What is the most important janitorial service?

The most important janitorial service depends on your business. In some businesses, keeping the floor clean and sanitized is the most important janitorial service. In other businesses, keeping high touch points cleaned and sanitized is the most important janitorial service. If you would like to find out the most important janitorial service for your business in South Carolina, please contact our professional janitors to find out. We will analyze your situation and give you a free estimate for janitorial services.

Are there cleaning machines that can do the job of a janitorial service?

There are cleaning machines that attempt to do the job of a janitorial service. These machines, however, never live up to the marketing behind them. It still takes a professionally trained, equipped, and knowledgeable janitorial staff to thoroughly clean and sanitize commercial businesses. It is more important than ever to hire a full janitorial crew to clean your business due to the pandemic circling the country. A constant cleaning and sanitizing program is imperative if you want customers to return to your business.

Now is the time to look into your janitorial situation if you own a commercial business in South Carolina. The pandemic is wreaking havoc across the country and it is important to show your customers that you are committed to their health and providing a safe place to conduct business. Hire a janitorial staff that understands the right chemicals to clean and sanitize your business thoroughly and properly. Being consistent, attentive, and thorough is the only way to persist through the current pandemic. If you need to find a new janitorial service provider, contact the professional janitors at Upstate Janitorial for a free consultation. We will be able to do the work thoroughly and properly.

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