Janitorial Services During a Pandemic

Times are hard for everyone, and now that things are slowly opening back up, it is time to get your business ready for customers again. How do you do this? The Government has issued guidelines and there are specific things that businesses should follow. The first thing is to get a regular janitorial crew into the building if you do not already have one operating. A professional crew will do a better job than yourself 99 times out of 100. As long as you avoid unsavory janitorial companies, your money will be well spent on sanitizing your business during the pandemic. Customers will appreciate it. Workers will appreciate it, and you will notice a marked difference in how clean and sanitized your business becomes.

Are there special janitorial services I should be looking for during a pandemic?

This depends on the guidelines for your business. If you do not have a janitorial staff trained in the proper techniques and chemicals to use during this time, contact the professionals at Upstate Janitorial. We offer a free estimate and  will be able to determine the necessary janitorial cleaning schedule for your specific business. Not all businesses operate the same and it is necessary for a professional janitorial service provider to thoroughly examine your businesses cleaning protocols and guidelines.

Who should I contact for pandemic janitorial services in South Carolina?

Contact Upstate Janitorial if you need pandemic janitorial services in South Carolina. We are able to offer our janitorial services to a vast assortment of commercial businesses across South Carolina. Timely and consistent results are the goal of any janitorial team and we excel at our job. Our results speak for themselves and we pride ourselves on our clients contentment with the services we deliver. Week in, week out, rain or shine, our janitorial staff is here to clean and sanitize your business in South Carolina.

Do pandemic janitorial services cost more?

This depends on your commercial business. High contact points are of utmost importance when it comes to dealing with pandemic guidelines and businesses like hospitals, gyms, barbers, and similar physically oriented jobs will have different janitorial/sanitization requirements. Take, for example, a police station which has constant flow of vulnerable people. The police station will need to be cleaned and sanitized more frequently than a computer repair shop. In order to determine if pandemic janitorial services will cost more for your business, contact Upstate Janitorial for a free estimate and consultation.

How long do pandemics last and should I plan for cleaning services after it is officially over?

There is no way to know when the pandemic will be over, but you should absolutely plan to have professional cleaning services come through your business when you open/while you operate during the pandemic. Having a clean and sanitized business will help retain your current clientele and attract new clientele when people start coming outside again. It is important to give your customers, workers, and potential customers a safe environment to conduct business. 

We are not sure when the pandemic will be over, but it is best to practice safe cleaning protocols while the virus is active in our communities. In order to properly clean during a pandemic, a professional janitorial staff will need to do the job. The guidelines set forth by the Government are rigid when it comes to thoroughly cleaning high points of contact around a business. Having experience with janitorial work goes a long way to sanitizing a business properly during a pandemic and it is in your best interest to hire Upstate Janitorial if you are in South Carolina. 

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