Janitorial Staff are Essential Employees

There is no doubt the pandemic has had an effect on everyone in the United States. People are quick to give applause to essential workers, but few are aware that your local janitor and cleaning service providers are just as essential as medical workers. If hospitals didn’t have janitorial staff working around the clock, doctors and nurses would not have a safe area to perform their services. Make sure to pay mind to workers who are putting in the extra effort to make sure that we are safe, and janitors belong to that group. The only way forward for America is to support our essential workforce.

Why are janitors considered essential employees?

Businesses can not safely operate if they do not have a janitorial service to clean their business. It is as simple as that. Janitors and cleaning service providers are considered essential employees because without them a business could not operate right now. Empower your janitorial staff to do their jobs thoroughly and safely during these trying times because they are on the front line fighting for your business. Without janitorial service providers, your business would not be able to open its doors in South Carolina.

Are essential employees anything special?

Yes. Essential employees are special because they are actively keeping businesses open during the pandemic. Without these special employees, businesses would not be able to operate at all during the pandemic. The reality is that it is the skills of these employees that is essential. Without their services and skills, business owners would be at a complete loss for generating revenue. It would be wise to take note of all the essential employees working tirelessly during the pandemic and give them their due credit when this is all over. 

Why does it matter if someone is essential or not?

It does matter if an employee is essential or not because it dictates their necessity for a business to keep running. If an employee is essential, it means that a business must make accommodations for that individual to safely work. Part of this means that janitors must continue to do their jobs to provide a safe, sanitized place to operate a business. If an employee is not essential, then they can simply work from home and avoid possibly infecting others. Cleaning service providers are essential to keeping your business open. 

Does it cost extra to employ an essential employee during this time?

It does not cost extra to employ an essential employee during this time, but it is in your best interest to take care of them as well as possible. Your business only operates due to your employees and if you start shedding essential employees during this time, the likelihood of your business successfully operating drastically falls. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your employees have a safe environment to work in and it is up to the essential employees to maintain said safe environment. We all have to work together and look out for each other to keep businesses in South Carolina open. 

Essential employees deserve praise during these hard times. Your business cleaning service is essential. Janitors are one of the most important parts of any business and they help keep hospitals and other essential businesses operating. It would be wise to go out of your way and thank them for everything they do because they are the ones keeping us safe while we go about our business. America will recover from this madness, but it will be on the shoulders of essential employees like your janitorial service provider.

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