Maintenance Just As Important As Commercial Cleaning for Commercial Buildings

Commercial cleaning services are a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services offered by commercial cleaning service providers. The problem is that the majority of commercial cleaning services offered in South Carolina are specifically marketed as general cleaning. Maintenance is not commonly mentioned in marketing materials and commercial cleaning companies will avoid offering maintenance services because it was not in the “fine print”. Then when you request them, said commercial cleaning company can charge you more for maintenance services that should have been within the first commercial cleaning contract. Avoid these types of bait and switch marketing offers by steering your business towards honest commercial cleaning and maintenance companies like Upstate Janitorial.

Why is Maintenance just as important as Cleaning for Commercial Buildings in South Carolina?

Maintenance is just as important as cleaning for commercial buildings in South Carolina because maintenance makes cleaning easier, more effective, and keeps your commercial building cleaner, longer. Without proper commercial maintenance services, you could potentially be missing areas to clean, wasting time moving around things that should not be there, and reducing the amount of operable hours your commercial building has due to areas being locked down for severe cleaning.

How do I know if my Commercial Cleaning Service Provider is providing Maintenance Services?

The best way to know if your commercial cleaning service provider is providing maintenance services is to observe their work. Are the waste bins in the same place they were left? Or were they moved back into position? Are there areas left unclean because office material were left in the way? Ultimately, there are lines that have to be created and agreed upon between your commercial cleaning company and your business. Other than observation, simply talking to your commercial cleaning provider will give you insight to their maintenance offerings and what they have been doing for your building.

Do Maintenance Services cost extra?

Yes and no. Commercial maintenance services go hand in hand with commercial cleaning services. This means that commercial maintenance services are usually built into the price of commercial cleaning services depending upon the commercial cleaning service provider. Always ask before signing a commercial cleaning contract to see if commercial maintenance is included. If not, your commercial cleaners might not be doing a complete job when they service your commercial building.

Who do I contact for Cleaning and Maintenance Services for my Commercial Building in South Carolina?

Contact Upstate Janitorial for commercial cleaning and maintenance services for your commercial building in South Carolina. Our friendly, honest approach to providing commercial cleaning and maintenance services has kept us operating for over 20 years with great results for our clients. Give us a call anytime at xxx and our friendly customer support staff will book a free consultation with our expert commercial cleaning and maintenance crews. We will analyze your property and determine the best possible cleaning and maintenance program for your commercial building. Not only that, but we will communicate with you and your staff to consistently clean and maintain areas of your commercial building that matter the most to you. With the lines of communication open, our staff can easily adjust their cleaning and maintenance programs to meet your needs.

Always take mind of your commercial maintenance situation when observing your current commercial cleaning service provider. Was it offered in your original commercial cleaning contract? If not, discuss these matters with your cleaning service provider to determine if retaining their services is worth the cost. Oftentimes, you will find that companies like Upstate Janitorial who offer commercial maintenance within their commercial cleaning services will offer better prices at the end of the day.