Questions to Ask Your Commercial Cleaners

When hiring a new commercial cleaner to clean and maintain your commercial building in South Carolina it is important to ask the right questions to determine which commercial cleaning service provider will best provide cleaning services. Of course, you can get lucky and hire the best commercial cleaning company in town without asking questions, but the chances are slim that you will get lucky and the best way to improve your chances at success is to ask questions.

Why does it matter if I ask Questions to my Commercial Cleaners?

Asking questions of your commercial cleaners will provide valuable information for you to act upon. Are there areas of your commercial building being ignored and it has incensed you to the point of firing your commercial cleaner? Why not ask them specifically about the ignored area to determine why they are not paying it any attention. Without asking questions, you won’t be able to understand how your commercial building is being cleaned and maintained. How can you foresee the long term health of your commercial building without knowing how it is cleaned and maintained? You can’t and that is why it matters if you ask questions of your commercial cleaners.

What type of questions should I ask my Commercial Cleaners? Don’t they just do their work?

You should be asking specific questions of your commercial cleaners to determine if they are honestly delivering the service you are paying for. For example, ask what areas your commercial cleaners spend the most time cleaning and maintaining. Analyze their response and you will be able to tell where the major focus of cleaning and maintenance will occur. Here are 5 sample questions to ask your commercial cleaners-

  1. What chemicals are you using to clean and maintain my commercial building?
  2. How often do you clean and maintain my commercial building?
  3. Do you offer discounts for long term commercial cleaning contracts?
  4. Where do you source your commercial cleaners from?
  5. How long have you been commercial cleaning in South Carolina?

How often should I communicate with my Commercial Cleaners?

You should communicate with your commercial cleaners as often as necessary. Self-managing cleaning companies like Upstate Janitorial will do a wonderful, consistent job, but we still need communication to accommodate any changes in cleaning and maintenance. Let us know exactly where you want us to focus our cleaning and maintenance energy to best suit your needs. You will not have to micromanage our commercial cleaners but the occasional email, phone call, or text to let us know how things are going and if you have any questions helps us refine our cleaning and maintenance programs for individual clients. Ultimately, this will increase our cleaning efficiency and decrease your overall costs.

Why is Communication helpful with Commercial Cleaners?

Commercial cleaners, like Upstate Janitorial, are fantastic at what they do, but we do not know the intricacies of every commercial building and what goes on inside. This means that it is up to you to communicate specifics about cleaning and maintaining your commercial building. Don’t get angry with your commercial cleaning service provider until you have explicitly communicated your needs and requirements for them. If they continue to ignore your needs and requirements for cleaning and maintaining your commercial building, find someone like Upstate Janitorial who keeps the lines of communication open.

Always ask your commercial cleaning service provider questions regarding their work, cleaning scheduling, and areas of your building they intend to clean and maintain. Ask specific questions about cleaning and maintenance to get the results you want. Ask them what chemicals they use and what they suggest for long term cleaning of your commercial building. These seem like simple and mundane things to ask about, but the answers provided by your commercial cleaning company go a long way in telling if they will do the job correctly or if they are just looking for quick money.