Safely Operating a Church during Covid-19

The global pandemic, Covid-19, has reached churches in the United States. It is important to take note of the cleaning schedule of your local church to determine if it is safe to worship. Safe practices lead to a higher chance of avoiding Covid-19, and if your church does not have an up to date janitorial solution, contact the professionals at Upstate Janitorial. Our team of professionals are knowledgeable of best practices and guidelines for cleaning during this time. We will be able to keep your church clean and sanitized and enable you to safely open your doors to worshipers once again.

Is it safe to open and operate my Church during Covid-19?

If you follow the proper guidelines and go above and beyond for your worshipers, it is safe to open and operate your church in South Carolina. The only way to go above and beyond is to hire professionals to handle guideline adherence for your church. The chances of a Covid-19 outbreak in your church are much higher if you attempt to clean and sanitize the church yourself. It takes expert level knowledge and experience to properly clean and sanitize a church during a pandemic. Make sure to use professionals to safely clean and sanitize your church before opening and operating during Covid-19.

How do I properly clean and sanitize my Church?

Hire a professional janitorial service like Upstate Janitorial to properly clean your church. Cleaning a church is not as easy as it appears. It takes special techniques, chemicals, and experience to properly clean and sanitize surfaces for worshipers. If you are worried about the sanitization of your church in South Carolina, do not hesitate to give Upstate Janitorial a call. Our team of professional janitors will be able to determine the necessary cleaning schedule for your church in order to safely open your doors to worshipers. 

Are there any guarantees involved with cleaning my Church?

Yes. There are product based guarantees involved with cleaning your church that will help in regards to liabilities and Covid-19. However, there will always be an underlying risk of exposure no matter how many safeguards you put in place. The best way to maintain a clean and sanitized environment for your church is to have it constantly cleaned and sanitized by a professional janitorial service. This could mean weekly cleanings, and in some high traffic cases, daily cleanings. In this situation, it is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with cleaning and sanitizing your church. Having your worshipers fall ill to the pandemic will only hurt your congregation and likely shut your church’s doors for good.

Who can help clean and sanitize my Church in South Carolina?

Upstate Janitorial can help clean and sanitize your church in South Carolina. We have the right type of chemicals and sanitizing agents to thoroughly clean and sanitize your church. Do not put the stress of sanitization on your employees. Our protocols and procedures help us safely clean and sanitize areas without risking safety. Not all janitorial companies are the same, and the workers at Upstate Janitorial know how to handle Covid-19.

Churches are harder to clean and sanitize during Covid-19, but it is not an impossible task. The janitors at Upstate Janitorial are experienced, have the right tools, and know how to clean and sanitize thoroughly and consistently. Leave it to the professionals because the risk is not worth saving a few extra dollars. Having your worshipers come down with a spreadable pandemic can quickly cause your worshipers to disappear and your church to go under. Do not be naive to the risks and hire properly trained professionals to handle the difficult work.

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