South Carolina Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies are the choice for small businesses across South Carolina. It is just not feasible for a small business or church to hire a full-time employee to clean their businesses. That is where cleaning companies come in and save the day. Depending upon the company, agreements can be made where cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment is stored on site for teams of janitors to come in on a schedule to do their job. This method keeps your business clean and lowers the overall expense of cleaning and sanitizing the work space. Upstate Janitorial is the cleaning company of choice for businesses and churches of South Carolina. Our free consultation will get you well on your way to a well maintained, clean business in no time.

Why should I use a cleaning company versus an on site staff member?

Using a cleaning company compared to using an on site staff member will save costs. An on site staff member dedicated to janitorial duties will cost more money compared to a cleaning company performing similar duties. The one advantage an on site janitor has over a cleaning company is rapid response cleaning. However, many cleaning companies offer emergency cleaning services and can respond within a respectable amount of time to prevent extensive damage from occurring. This is highly dependent upon which cleaning company you use because not all cleaning companies offer the same services.

Should I hire a cleaning company to do a one time cleaning of my business?

The answer varies between yes and no when it comes to hiring a cleaning company to do a one time cleaning. If the cleaning required is massive, a cleaning company would be worth the cost and effort. If the cleaning required is minor, a cleaning company would not be worth the cost and effort. Cleaning companies operate efficiently when they are on a regular schedule and will often discount their pricing to an affordable level to compete with on site janitors.

I own a small business in South Carolina, should I still hire a cleaning company to handle the cleaning?

Absolutely. Bearing the brunt of cleaning your business yourself is too much work. Your job is to manage and operate your business. Our job, as a cleaning company, is to clean and sanitize your business to keep it operating. By stretching out our cleaning schedule, we will be able to handle the entirety of your janitorial needs while you focus solely on your business.

Would a cleaning company work for a church?

Cleaning companies are the preferred janitorial solutions for churches in South Carolina because cleaning and sanitizing a church is hard work. Passing this work off to clergy or altar boys never works. Either the job doesn’t get done correctly, or the job doesn’t get done at all. This leaves parishioners of the church vulnerable to sickness and disease if not kept in check. That is why it is absolutely paramount to keep churches clean and sanitized by professionals who know what they are doing. Contact Upstate Janitorial if you have a church in South Carolina that needs regular janitorial services.

When it comes to cleaning your business, it is wise to consult with professionals who have been doing the job a long time. A janitor might be a good solution for a business or church but it might not be the best solution for your business or church. If you need to figure out a better cleaning solution for your business or church in South Carolina, contact Upstate Janitorial for a free consultation. We will be able to determine the services necessary to keep your business clean, sanitized, and in operating condition for the life of your business.

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