South Carolina’s Best Commercial Cleaning Companies

When hiring a commercial cleaning company for your building it is always best to go with the best, most reliable company around to ensure the job gets done right. Finding the best commercial cleaning company in South Carolina can be difficult because companies spend money on advertising themselves as the best without having any review on their claims. This leads to customer confusion and people just wanting to get the job done. Luckily, we have gone ahead and done our due diligence asking questions of commercial building owners about who is their most preferred commercial cleaning company when it comes to cost, reliability, and rendered services.

Who are South Carolina’s best Commercial Cleaning Companies?

Here are the best commercial cleaning companies in South Carolina –

  1. Upstate Janitorial 
  2. Palmetto Commercial Services
  3. Mopsquad Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance
  4. Jan-Pro
  5. Carolina Office Cleaning

This list is our opinion, but all of these companies excel at offering commercial cleaning services in South Carolina. We rated these companies on how they deliver cleaning services, respond to clients and client requests, and how much they charge for their cleaning services. The best bang for your buck will be found with Upstate Janitorial.

What makes a Commercial Cleaning Company the “best” in South Carolina?

Going down the list on Google is mind boggling because there are at least 20 commercial janitorial companies that rank higher than the rest, but are they really the best? In most cases, no, they are not the best commercial cleaning company in South Carolina, they just spend more money to appear higher in search results. Luckily, search engines have started to pay attention to this issue and have started ranking quality commercial cleaning companies higher due to client’s approval of their service. This means that search results are starting to catch up with who is really the “best” commercial cleaning company in South Carolina. However, in reality, search results are still not 100% accurate when it comes to finding the best commercial cleaning company.

How do I contact the best Commercial Cleaning Company in South Carolina?

Use the contact form located here to contact the best commercial cleaning company in South Carolina. Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting to schedule a free consultation with commercial cleaning experts for you and your commercial building. Give us a call anytime and we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your commercial building. We take an educational approach to helping our clients understand how and why their commercial building needs to be cleaned and maintained.

Do high quality Commercial Cleaning Companies in South Carolina charge more for their services?

Not necessarily. High quality commercial cleaning companies in South Carolina are known for consistency and honesty. There are companies that slide into the mix that overcharge for their services and deliver a subpar cleaning service, but if you go with any of the named companies above, you will be charged honestly for the services rendered. Sometimes cleaning and maintenance can be expensive no matter who you hire due to the sheer size and cleaning requirements of a building. The only way to know for sure is to call around and compare commercial cleaning companies offerings and reviews.

The best commercial cleaning companies in South Carolina all do one thing extremely well, clean commercial buildings. It is difficult to tell the difference between these companies without analyzing the details of their services. This includes customer service, how they handle customer requests, and how they treat their employees. The subtle differences are what make Upstate Janitorial the best commercial cleaning company in South Carolina. We have the right attitude for the job, consistently deliver high quality services, are experts in our field, and charge an honest amount for our cleaning services. We are proud to do what we do.

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