Summertime Business Cleaning

Weather has a direct impact on your businesses cleanliness. When the weather is poor, there will be a noticeable difference to all businesses in the affected area. However, recovering from bad weather and everyday wear and tear is what differentiates a poorly maintained business with a great business. If you have a good janitorial staff, bad weather is not that big of a deal because your staff has already altered their cleaning routine to compensate for the additional workload. Contact an alternate janitorial service provider if you feel like your current janitor is not adjusting their cleaning routines to compensate for bad weather. Your janitorial provider might not be doing their job thorough enough if they are treating winter and summer cleaning the same.

Why is the summer a good time to clean your business?

When the weather is nice, it is easier to get a deep clean of your business. Debris from people is lessened, shipments usually increase, and inaccessible areas become accessible. If you are planning renovations or want to perform a deep cleaning of your business, summer time is the right time because all of these factors align. “Spring Cleaning” is common in households and summer cleaning is common in businesses. Make sure that your janitorial service provider is changing their cleaning routines to meet the requirements of the season.

Should I consider changing my business cleaning routine during summer?

Yes, you should consider changing your business cleaning routine during the summer. Performing deep cleans and clearing out your businesses “untouched” areas during summer can help bring the overall cleanliness of your business up to a higher standard throughout the year. High traffic areas will receive the same attention during the normal business year, however, areas that are frequently ignored can be renewed during the summer.

Are there specific differences in cleaning routines for each season?

Business cleanliness is tied to foot traffic and weather. Your business is likely worse for wear if the weather is bad and foot traffic is high. If the weather is nice and foot traffic is low, your business is easier to maintain. Your janitorial routines should reflect the needs of each season. You might want to look at getting a new janitorial service provider if your current janitorial team does not actively change their cleaning routines to meet the needs of each season.

Who can do summer cleanings in South Dakota?

Upstate Janitorial can do summer cleanings in South Dakota. Our team of trained, professional janitors will be able to handle the worst built up dirt and grime that has accumulated in the less traveled areas of your business. We will work with you to develop specific cleaning routines to meet the needs of each season and adjust according to foot traffic, high touch points, and in-climate weather. We pride ourselves on the services we deliver our customers and will do everything in our power to deliver a consistent, thorough janitorial service.

Summer is a great time to get your business completely cleaned. Weather is generally nice and people are in a receptive mode to be delayed(wet floor signs, restricting access to certain areas, etc.). Go through the stockroom, do a full inventory, and get into the nooks and crannies of your business during the summer. It is the best time to have your janitorial staff put in a full effort to clean and sanitize your business. If you own a business in South Carolina and want a thorough cleaning of your business, contact the janitorial staff at Upstate Janitorial to get a free consultation. We will be able to get your business back to square one before the winter months arrive.

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