Things to Look for When Choosing Commercial Cleaning Company in South Carolina

Whether you have a go-to commercial cleaning company, or you are currently looking for a commercial cleaning company, there are things to look for when choosing the right commercial cleaning company in South Carolina. It is not the end of the world if you pick the wrong commercial cleaning service for your business or church, but there are things to pay mind to when hiring a commercial cleaning company that can help you avoid hiring the wrong cleaning company. The best way to avoid a bad commercial cleaning company is to pay attention to how they perform their services. These are the telltale signs to determine if a commercial cleaning company is worth using-

1.Trustworthy and Honest

Being trustworthy and honest is the strongest attribute your commercial cleaning company can have because cleaning and maintenance is a dirty job where costs can skyrocket without knowing the true cost of service. By remaining honest, a commercial cleaning company can find themselves fulfilling their daily tasks without over stretching themselves. A cleaning company that over promises and under delivers is not being honest and will leave you hanging when it matters most. An honest cleaning company will be up front about what services they can deliver and what services they do can not deliver, giving you a clear cut answer on what to expect.

2.Properly Equipped

Showing up to work with the right equipment is another important attribute to have in your commercial cleaning company. A strong work ethic will not overcome the square footage involved with commercial cleaning jobs. The only way to overcome this is with the right commercial cleaning equipment. If your cleaning company is experienced and knowledgeable about their job, they should have the right tools for the job.


A commercial cleaning company should be adaptive towards their client’s requests. Being rigid to meet price structures setup by bosses usually is a sign that the company you are dealing with does not necessarily care about the services they provide. A commercial cleaning company that understands the services they provide will be reasonable when it comes to client requests.

4.Timely and Efficient

You should not be worried about your commercial cleaning company doing their job on time because being timely and efficient should be automatic for a quality commercial cleaning company. A quality commercial cleaning company should be able to perform their duties without being noticed because they can do their job timely and efficiently without being managed. If you are constantly monitoring your commercial cleaning company to make sure they are doing their job, it might be time to find a better commercial cleaning service provider because there are better options in South Carolina.

5.Consistent Service

Showing up to work with a smile while being prepared to handle the worst is what makes a quality commercial cleaning company in South Carolina. In order to do this, consistency is key. Generally, it is difficult to determine if your commercial cleaning company is consistent, however, online reviews are becoming helpful in tracking the consistency of cleaning companies.

These are just a few of the things to look for when choosing a commercial cleaning company for your business, church, or office in South Carolina. Be mindful of what your commercial cleaning company offers you because there are qualities of service that are difficult to see without looking for them. If you are concerned that your commercial cleaning service provider is not providing the services you are paying for, contact the friendly customer support staff at Upstate Janitorial for a free consultation. We will be able to get to the bottom of your cleaning and maintenance problems and set you on the right path.

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