Tile and Grout or Vinyl Composite Tile for Commercial Use in South Carolina?

Choosing the right flooring for your commercial building will determine the type of cleaning and maintenance needed. In some cases, cleaning and maintaining your floor will cost considerably more because of the material(wood, wood composites) used. That is why the majority of commercial building owners choose between Vinyl Composite Tile(VCT) or Tile and Grout flooring. These two options have passed the test of time in heavy foot traffic commercial buildings. However, which do you choose for your commercial building in South Carolina? This choice is ultimately up to you as a building owner/operator, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Which is better for Commercial Properties, Tile and Grout or Vinyl Composite Tile flooring in South Carolina?

It depends what activities will be taking place and where to decide whether tile and grout or VCT flooring is better for your commercial property. In some cases, having a combination of tile and grout and VCT flooring is the best option because certain activities are better suited for tile and grout, and other activities are suited for VCT flooring. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to do the research and figure out which flooring option is best for your commercial building.

What are the advantages of Tile and Grout flooring for Commercial Properties in South Carolina?

Tile and grout flooring for commercial properties in South Carolina comes with a host of advantages. First, tile and grout is long lasting and durable. You can drop things on tile and grout and it should be strong enough to resist almost anything as long as it was properly installed. Secondly, tile and grout come in a wide variety of designer colors and styles. And lastly, tile and grout flooring has a wide range of costs which means that there is an option for any budget. Tile and grout flooring is a great option for many different commercial buildings.

What are the advantages of Vinyl Composite Tile flooring in South Carolina?

VCT flooring in South Carolina has a number of advantages. First, VCT flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit any commercial need. Secondly, VCT flooring is incredibly durable and difficult to break if installed correctly. In specific cases, VCT flooring is stronger than tile and grout due to its flexibility to hardness ratio. And finally, VCT flooring is able to be cleaned and maintained by normal cleaners who know what they are doing.

How do I choose which flooring option is best for my business, church, school, daycare, or other commercial properties?

The best way to choose which floor option is best for your business, church, school, daycare, or other commercial property is to discuss matters with experienced flooring professionals. They will be able to tell you what flooring works best in which situation. Once you have decided which flooring is best for your commercial property, line up a cleaning service like Upstate Janitorial to manage the cleaning and maintenance of your new floor.

Whether you choose tile and grout or vinyl composite tile for your commercial property flooring in South Carolina, make sure to line up a professional cleaning company like Upstate Janitorial to immediately begin cleaning and caring for your new floor. The sooner a professional cleaning company is on the job, the longer your floor will last. Not only that, your floor will retain its original luster longer when professional cleaning companies are managing the cleaning and maintenance from day one. If you need VCT or tile and grout floor cleaning services in South Carolina, don’t hesitate to call Upstate Janitorial to handle the hard work.

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