Tips for Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service in South Carolina

Take our advice on hiring a commercial janitorial service in South Carolina and save yourself time, money, and stress. If you own a commercial building in South Carolina that needs immediate commercial janitorial attention, contact Upstate Janitorial by calling us directly at (864)-249-5555, or using our contact form found here. Otherwise, we have listed our most helpful tips below. Make sure to use these tips before hiring a commercial cleaning service provider to ensure the services they provide will be honest, priced appropriately, and effective.

  • Be Upfront and Honest- The most important tip for hiring a commercial janitorial service provider in South Carolina is to be upfront and honest about your cleaning and maintenance requirements. Let us know how your business operates and what areas are most important to keep clean and maintained. If you try to hide aspects of the job, it will cost more to add those cleaning and maintenance aspects later. Always be upfront about every aspect of the job.
  • Know your Budget to save time- Commercial cleaning budgets vary depending upon the business, but knowing the exact amount we are dealing with enables commercial cleaning service providers like Upstate Janitorial how many and how often we can provide our services. It is understandable if you have never dealt with a commercial cleaning service provider before to not know your budget. Luckily, companies like Upstate Janitorial offer free consultation services to help enlighten first time commercial cleaning clients.
  • Ask Questions- Quality commercial cleaners are used to being asked questions about cleaning and maintenance. Inexperienced, unqualified, and terrible commercial cleaners will get offended if you ask them specific questions. Attitude is a major aspect of our job because cleaning and maintaining a commercial building is a dirty, physical job that can quickly sour the happiest person. If your commercial cleaners constantly show up with a sour attitude and despise doing the job, look for alternative commercial cleaning service providers.
  • Ask for References- Any commercial cleaning service provider worth your time will have references to their past clients. If you ask for references and they refuse, look for a different commercial cleaning service provider. Luckily, references will often tell you the blunt truth about commercial cleaning services. Take note of how a reference’s attitude changes when thinking about the work you are asking about. A quick, simple response is not a bad reflection on any commercial cleaning service provider depending upon the attitude of the response.
  • Price Shop, Within Reason- Commercial cleaning services often have specific pricing for each of the services they offer. However, pricing can fluctuate between service providers depending upon which services are needed and how often they need to be rendered. This leaves a wide field of pricing and price variation between commercial cleaning services and service providers. It can quickly become confusing and pricing mistakes happen, but the easiest way to avoid this is to keep a spreadsheet or notepad of all the different pricing available. Highlight your top 3 favorites and compare them with each other.

You don’t have to be a master negotiator to hire an honest commercial janitorial service provider worth your time in South Carolina. Simply follow the aforementioned tips and you will find yourself filtering out overpriced, dishonest, and terrible commercial cleaning services leaving you with only the best priced, honest, and competent commercial cleaning services worth hiring. If you feel like this is too much and would rather leave it up to the professional you can trust, contact Upstate Janitorial and we will take the worry work out of commercial cleaning services.