Upstate Janitorial is the Right Janitorial Company for You

There is no question that Upstate Janitorial is the right janitorial company for you if you own a commercial business in South Carolina. For over 20 years, we have been going above and beyond for our clients by consistently cleaning and maintaining their commercial buildings, training our commercial janitors on modern cleaning methods and techniques, and setting an example for other commercial janitorial service providers in the area on how to efficiently clean and maintain commercial buildings without breaking the bank.

Why is Upstate Janitorial the right Janitorial Company for me in South Carolina?

Upstate Janitorial is the right janitorial company for you in South Carolina because we have experience in every aspect of commercial building cleaning and maintenance. Our results speak for themselves and we offer a free consultation to get things started. We also have references available if you would like to see how we treat our clients over the long term. Not only that, but we will actively work with your building management to improve and adapt our cleaning regimes to meet your requirements and expectations. Working with Upstate Janitorial takes all the worry work out of managing and implementing a commercial buildings cleaning and maintenance program.

What qualities differentiate one Janitorial Company from another in South Carolina?

There are many qualities that differentiate one janitorial company from another in South Carolina. Customer service, cleaning and maintenance service pricing, attitude towards the job, and how they price their services are just a few qualities that can be monitored and observed. It is in your best interest to know about these things before you hire a janitorial company to clean and maintain your commercial building because once these qualities are ingrained into a janitorial company, it is almost impossible to deal with over the long run. A temperamental and inconsistent janitorial company is not worth your time.

Does it matter if my Janitorial Company doesn’t have many good qualities?

Yes, it does matter if your janitorial company lacks good qualities. You might have signed up during a marketing event, or maybe got a killer price on your services, but you will eventually notice lackluster cleaning and maintenance and a souring attitude towards delivering said services. We have seen it time and time again with large corporate branded janitorial companies and it is understandable to take their cheap priced marketing stunts at face value. The hidden costs of these marketing campaigns are getting stuck with a long term commercial janitorial contract that delivers subpar results over the long term life of your commercial building. The best way to avoid this is

How can I tell if I should look for another Janitorial Company to work with in South Carolina?

As listed above, if your janitorial company in South Carolina has started to go downhill with the cleaning and maintenance services they provide, their attitudes have turned sour when they show up for work, or they are constantly changing and raising prices on you, you should look for another janitorial company like Upstate Janitorial to work with.

If you are looking for the right janitorial company for your commercial building in South Carolina, look no further than Upstate Janitorial. Avoiding bad janitorial companies is as simple as contacting our friendly customer support staff to schedule a free consultation with trained, professional commercial janitors who have successfully been doing the job for 20+ years. At the end of the day, Upstate Janitorial is the right janitorial company for you and your commercial building in South Carolina.