Vinyl Composite Tile Floor Cleaning with Visible Results in South Carolina

Vinyl composite tile(VCT) cleaning is something that seems easy, but when you attempt to do the job, results end up being lackluster. Traditional methods for cleaning VCT flooring take serious elbow grease to get results worth the cost of labor. That is why the majority of VCT flooring in commercial buildings looks like someone attempted to clean it but stopped halfway through. It is only natural for this to occur because regular employees should not be responsible for floor cleaning and maintenance. Leave the hard work to seasoned professionals like Upstate Janitorial if you want your VCT flooring to be cleaned with visible results.

Why is Vinyl Composite Tile flooring so difficult to clean to a shine in South Carolina?

VCT flooring is universally difficult to clean to a shine without using commercial grade machinery because recommended cleaning methods take serious labor for results to show. The majority of VCT floor owners opt for regular employees to clean and maintain their flooring. This is a recipe for disaster because regular employees should not be burdened with floor cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. VCT floor cleaning and maintenance is best left to professionals like Upstate Janitorial.

Why doesn’t a mop and bucket clean Vinyl Composite Tile to the same visible degree?

A mop and bucket does clean the surface of VCT flooring, but more often than not, the person mopping does not know how to mop properly. There is a technique to mopping properly and it takes professional training to use one properly. However, even when a mop and bucket is used properly on VCT flooring, minor imperfections within the tile itself can accumulate dirt that can not be removed with hard labor. These types of stains need to be removed with commercial cleaning equipment specially designed for VCT flooring. Luckily, companies like Upstate Janitorial have the necessary equipment to clean and maintain VCT flooring in South Carolina.

How do professionals like Upstate Janitorial clean Vinyl Composite Tile in South Carolina?

Professionals like Upstate Janitorial clean VCT flooring in South Carolina with commercial grade cleaning tools which we were professionally trained to use. In addition, our teams have years of experience dealing with VCT flooring. This allows our teams to know exactly how much work is necessary to clean and maintain any VCT flooring in South Carolina.

How do I schedule professional Vinyl Composite Tile cleaning services from Upstate Janitorial in South Carolina?

Call us directly at (864)249-5555 to schedule VCT floor cleaning services from Upstate Janitorial in South Carolina. Alternatively, use our contact form to schedule a free consultation with our VCT floor cleaning experts. Our VCT floor cleaning experts will answer all of your questions and concerns regarding VCT floor cleaning and maintenance. Use our knowledge to your advantage and you will see why hiring Upstate Janitorial is the right move for cleaning and maintaining VCT flooring in South Carolina.

Vinyl composite tile flooring is one of the best options for commercial flooring in South Carolina. Unfortunately, VCT flooring also comes with cleaning and maintenance requirements that floor owners neglect until it’s too late. The best way to clean and maintain VCT flooring in South Carolina is to hire the VCT cleaning professionals at Upstate Janitorial to clean and maintain your floor. Our team is properly equipped, years of experience, and will consistently show up to the job with a smile on our faces. We know cleaning and maintaining commercial flooring is hard, dirty work, but we are well prepared and ready for anything that might turn up.