Vinyl Composite Tile Maintenance Has Never Been More Important

Business, church, and office maintenance is important. However, after a pandemic, nothing is as important as cleaning and maintaining your Vinyl Composite Tile(VCT). This is because potential clients and worshippers are out and about looking to catch up on a year’s worth of errands. Leaving your VCT in an unkempt condition is asking for people to do their errands and worshipping somewhere else. Your business or church floor is the first thing people see when they enter your building. If you own a business or church in South Carolina, clean and maintain your VCT flooring with professionally trained floor specialists from Upstate Janitorial. We have the experience, tools, and know how necessary to clean and maintain your VCT flooring year round in South Carolina.

Why is VCT floor maintenance so important?

VCT floor maintenance is so important because it is one of the largest liabilities of your business or church. Your floor helps maintain your day to day operations, but if it becomes dangerous to use, it can quickly become a legal liability. Those dark scuff marks may seem normal and tolerable, but if left uncleaned for a long period of time they can lead to people slipping, falling, and suing you. This is a worst case scenario but it happens at a higher rate than most people think. Floor cleaning and maintenance is a necessary part of operating a business or church in South Carolina. Neglecting floor cleaning and maintenance will quickly lead to legal, financial, and emotional loss. Avoid any chance of legal liabilities from your VCT floor by allowing floor professionals to clean and maintain your floor.

How do I maintain my VCT flooring in South Carolina?

You maintain VCT flooring in South Carolina by calling professional VCT floor cleaning and maintenance experts at Upstate Janitorial. We will schedule a free consultation where we will analyze your VCT flooring situation and develop a cleaning and maintenance schedule that will keep your VCT floor in pristine shape year round. Our floor specialists will answer any questions or concerns you might have about floor care and maintenance.

Should I hire a VCT floor maintenance person year round?

Yes, depending upon the size of your business or church, a year round VCT floor cleaning company to clean and maintain your flooring is a good idea. Small to medium sized buildings can take advantage of the cost savings available from a yearly program compared to one time cleanings. The price savings, results, and time needed to keep your VCT floor well maintained and clean year round outweigh the expediency of one time cleanings.

How much does VCT floor maintenance cost in South Carolina?

If you want to find out how much it will cost to clean and maintain your flooring in South Carolina, schedule a free consultation with Upstate Janitorial. The cost of VCT floor maintenance varies depending upon your business or church building’s size and needed preparation. It takes a trained floor specialist to properly analyze how much it will cost to clean and maintain your floor.

Vinyl composite tile is the lifeblood of businesses, churches, and offices in South Carolina. Without your floor, you would not be able to operate. Allowing your floor to become dirty and dangerous are equivalent to not having a floor at all. Janitors do what they can but they are only a temporary fix before you have to bring out the cones and yellow caution tape to avoid legal liabilities. The only way to resolve your VCT flooring issues year round is to hire trained floor cleaning and maintenance professionals to develop a cleaning regime suitable for your business or church.

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