5 Professional Restroom Cleaning Tips for Commercial Buildings in South Carolina

Advice is easy to get when it comes to restroom cleaning tips for commercial buildings in South Carolina. Everyone has their own secret to cleaning a restroom better than everyone else. The reality is that the best people to ask for advice when it comes to commercial restroom cleaning tips are professional restroom cleaners. We do the job day in and day out and have learned how to efficiently, consistently, and happily clean a commercial restroom better than most.  

  1. Consistency is Key- There is no denying that consistency is key when it comes to commercial restroom cleaning and maintenance. Commercial restrooms get used and abused every day your building is open. This is the nature of a commercial restroom and cleaning it once a week/month is not even close to the consistency needed for adequate restroom cleaning and maintenance. Make sure that whoever is cleaning and maintaining your commercial restroom is performing cleaning services as often as necessary. This could amount to multiple times a day, but is necessary to keep your commercial restroom clean and in working order.
  2. Modern Cleaning Equipment Saves Time- Take advantage of modern equipment within reason. There are multiple choices when it comes to commercial restroom cleaning and maintenance equipment and it is best to consult with professionals before investing in any specific tool. Oftentimes, your restroom cleaning and maintenance team will already have any necessary cleaning tools with them. Make sure to research if your restroom cleaning and maintenance team is using modern equipment. Otherwise, you might be paying for unnecessary elbow grease. 
  3. Robots are Not There yet- Commercial restroom cleaning and maintenance solutions often hype up robotic and automatic solutions to save costs. However, even the biggest brands in America still use traditional restroom cleaning and maintenance solutions because robotic and automatic cleaning solutions are not there yet in terms of efficiency, cost, and timeliness. There will come a time when robotic/automatic commercial cleaning solutions are worth the cost and maintenance, but we are not there yet. 
  4. You Get What You Pay For- Commercial restroom cleaning is an artform that exceeds the physical form. Sounds philosophical, but it just means that cleaning a commercial restroom takes a specific type of person to handle the job day in and day out. If you are paying rock bottom prices, you will get rock bottom cleaning and maintenance results. Do not just move dirt and grime around a commercial restroom with low cost cleaning and maintenance solutions. Look around your local area for vetted, commercial restroom cleaning and maintenance solution providers like Upstate Janitorial. Give them a call and negotiate a budget friendly restroom cleaning and maintenance solution.  
  5. Discuss Cleaning Chemicals- Talk to your restroom cleaning and maintenance teams about what type of cleaning chemicals they use and need to accomplish their jobs without hassle. By negotiating and providing your input, you can find consistently clean and well maintained restrooms up to your liking. However, if you do not discuss these things with your cleaning team, you will often find yourself questioning the cleanliness and maintenance of your commercial restroom(s). Always be on the same page with your cleaning and maintenance crews to keep your commercial building open and operating in South Carolina. 

We hope these commercial restroom cleaning tips help your commercial building in South Carolina. If you want to know more about commercial restroom cleaning in South Carolina, contact our friendly customer support staff at (864)-249-5555. We offer a free consultation to discuss all your cleaning needs. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will respond as quickly as possible.